Our priorities

Our project work enables us to find out more about a particular issue or service and make recommendations for change or improvements.

Projects are based on themes that come from what people are telling us (through feedback on our website, through our helpdesk, attendance at our listening events etc); we take account of what we hear about most frequently and also whether what we hear is good or bad. These themes form our priority areas, and help us to focus our project resources on areas where we feel we can have the most impact for local people.

Each theme usually guides our work for three years, however we do have an annual review of whether our priorities still fit with what local people are saying. More than 150 people took part in our latest review in November 2017. The evidence was reviewed by staff and volunteers and collated into a report which can be found at: HWSy ‘Our Priorities – What you told us’

The findings and recommendations were then reviewed at our board meeting in public on January 23rd 2018. 

The decision of the board was to:

  • Retain the priorities which are mid-way through a 3-year cycle through 2018/19. These priorities are: Amplifying the voices of Care Home residents, Investigating the experience of Hospital Discharge and Early Intervention in Mental Health.
  • To replace the priority area Improving the experience of making GP appointments (which has been a priority for us since 2014)  with a new priority area around ‘care services for vulnerable and older people living at home’.our work on our existing Early intervention in Mental Health priority covers the concern that ‘there is a lack of support for people living in the community with mental health issues’.

If you view our news page you will be able to see any recent reports we have published on our priorities. To find out more about our priorities, please click on the boxes below.

To find out more about how you can help to shape our priorities, click here.